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Peter Harb FAQs

Is your training, coaching, mentoring and consulting just for the top leaders?

  • No, our supreme leadership improvement programs are designed for leaders and decision makers at all levels of the hierarchy - regardless of industry and position.
  • We also assist employees who are assuming a leadership position (junior executives) for optimal preparation and mentor them during the first few months in their new post.

Can I also consult you privately in my position as a leader / decision maker?

Yes, of course. In our work with leaders and decision makers, we notice more and more how the air gets thinner, the higher they are in the hierarchy. Honest and active feedback from colleagues and executives is gradually more decreasing. Often the discussion partners are missing for a constructive exchange on eye level. Unfolding supreme leadership means, we combine the development of human potential, self-empowerment and strategy with the methods of systemic organizational coaching - based on my vast international leadership experience. Neither are we acting as Mr. Know-It-All nor are we a Joker who ruthlessly holds up the mirror. Rather, we understand ourselves as a Mentor, as your Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Sparring-Partner at eye level. So, let us talk about your topics in an introductory meeting and discuss together in what way and format we can serve you.

Which industry competencies do you have?

Many leaders, executives, managers and decision makers believe that, as a leadership-consultor/ trainer / coach / mentor, one has to be very knowledgeable in their industry to help them. My leadership experience covers almost thirty years in an international, intercultural, multi-ethic and multilingual environment. It covers the construction industry, United Nations, NATO, the European Union, the international diplomatic corps, the field of academic research, the Military and the field of GreenTech – Engineering. Yet, the development and the unfolding of leadership and human potential is independent of the industry.

What is more effective and useful? Individual- or leadership development in a team?

  • Both have advantages and disadvantages. Many companies are now moving to individual, coaching for their leadership personnel. The topics that occupy the individual leader and decision maker are different. In individual training, coaching and mentoring or consulting, it is possible to work on both, personal and professional topics, which the candidate in the group would not discuss.
  • Leadership development in the team promotes the exchange of experience and the formation of important networks within the leadership team. Issues such as self-perception and perception by other people as well as discussion and feedback techniques are treated better in the group. Developing a Team of Teams and establish total empowerment among leaders, decision makers and employees will only be resilient in a team. Our recommendation is a mix of both according to the particular needs of an organisation or a company.

Where does the coaching take place?

A neutral area outside the familiar working environment usually already leads to a different view of the topics. Yet we provide in-house service at your convenience.

Do you also offer in-house workshops for teams?

  • Yes, we also work with teams, sections and departments - either as an in-house workshop or in external seminar rooms. Often it is about team building, team collaboration and communication, as well as positioning as a team within the company. Supreme Leadership, building a Team of Teams and the generation of total empowerment are predestined for such workshops.
  • We do not understand ourselves as trainer teaching methods in front of the group. Our workshops are very interactive and reach deep into the right attitude, the awareness of values, the goals, the communication and the clarity of behavior.
  • For a team or area development, we first have an intensive discussion, which forms the basis for our specific workshop planning.
  • If you are interested in our workshops, please contact us for an initial strategy meeting.
  • If you are interested in our workshops

How much more can we achieve when we create better leadership in our company?

  • Unfolding of human potential will improve all areas of life. In the professional and private context. The most important requirement: you yourself desperately want to change something.
  • Developing supreme leadership and unfolding the full human potential of leader and decision maker personnel serves everyone.
  • In the context of a free preliminary, strategic talk, you describe your biggest current challenges and we will design together an adequate programme of improvement.
  • In the context of a free preliminary,

What distinguishes you and your work from all the others out there in the free market?

Our USP is the intercultural focus, multilingualism, inspiration, emotion, closeness to human beings and 30 years of international leadership experience.


  • A completely new dimension of leadership
  • Outstanding improvement in intercultural understanding
  • Outstanding improvement of internal and external communication
  • Clarity on individual and corporate values at all levels
  • Clarity and full transparency of objectives at all levels
  • Significant higher work identification of entire personnel
  • Clarity on the individual and group WHY at all levels
  • Outstanding improvement in appreciation
  • Creation of a high performance Team of Teams
  • Evolution from employees to INTRAPRENEURS
  • Increased contribution of individual talents and skills at all levels
  • Significant increase of enthusiasm
  • A sensational feeling of fulfillment, joy, security among all personnel

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You have questions?

We have answers!

Our purpose, our authentic influence on people who lead and our thinking into results create values and unfold the full human potential in everyone.

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