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Becoming a Supreme Leader is the most pivotal choice one can make. Unfold your full human potential for greatness and you unfold the same potential in others.


The team of PETER HARB SUPREME LEADERSHIP based in Graz / Austria and Bangalore / India, is a young, dynamic, openminded and highly energetic group of inspired people with vast leadership experience, pure heart energy and superlative intercultural understanding.

Peter Harb

Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Lead With Your Heart! - Think Into Results! - Leave No Man Behind!

Sneha Chougule

Chief Financial Officer

Leadership is putting a face to management science. A Supreme Leader is someone who can recruit, hire, train, and mentor. He or she is someone who can motivate, engage, and monitor. And he or she has the ability to envision, plan, clarify, evaluate, revise and create an environment of trust, trustworthiness, respect and fearlessness.

Nikhil B

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm a web designer / developer based in Bangalore, India. I have a passion for web design & development and love to create real-time web applications. I always upgrade myself with technologies, so that I can build more advanced and latest applications.

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Lead With Your Heart! - Think Into Results! - Leave No Man Behind!

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Our purpose, our authentic influence on people who lead and our thinking into results create values and unfold the full human potential in everyone.

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