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The League D’Élite


6 Days

The League D’Élite


Environment, Energy & Results

At THE LEAGUE D'ÉLITE, you have the rare opportunity to take a step away from your daily life and responsibilities to emerge yourself in a creative environment with 29 like-minded, high-vibration thinkers and high potential leaders from around the world. With Peter Harb and his team, you will have the best teacher on Supreme Leadership in the most exclusive setting. All focused on helping you grow and thrive.

You will mastermind and network with like-minded people from all over the world who ultimately become friends and possibly business partners for years to come. You will see some crazy and magical opportunities come from THE LEAGUE D'ÉLITE, and you will see graduates working and masterminding together for years to come.

At THE LEAGUE D'ÉLITE you can expect an intimate aspect in a gorgeous ambient. While there are 30 people in the room, somehow Peter and his team are still able to provide an intimate feel. Peter will spend 1:1 time with attendees and will work with them to help them get clear on their big idea and put steps in place to walk away from the event with a solid plan for implementation, while utilizing the power of the mastermind at the small group tables.

On the last day of THE LEAGUE D'ÉLITE event, the group has a special dinner with Peter. It’s incredibly special to spend time with Peter privately, in a relaxed atmosphere and a very personal environment.

Peter often talks about how important it is to be selective about who you spend time with and the significant role environment plays in our results.,By getting a peek inside of Peter’s private sphere and picking Peter’s brain in a very personal environment, you’re able to take away ideas of how you can return home and modify your current environment to operate with a clear mind, surround yourself by materials that support you in your growth and feel inspired to take immediate action.

You’ll leave with absolute focus, clarity, and direction and with an exact plan in place to raise and unfold the full potential in your people for the benefit of them, your customers, your company and humanity. You will leave the place as a SUPREME LEADER who brings the future of excellence in leadership globally to the next dimension.

At THE LEAGUE D'ÉLITE you will let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors and cling tightly to your belief in you and surround yourself with stunning people who will lift you up and keep you accountable.


  • A 6-day exquisite education to become a Supreme Leader
  • The qualities that make up a Supreme Leader
  • To create a trusting environment
  • To become a four-dimensional listener
  • To be a Supreme Leader when people leave the company
  • The supreme recruitment of people
  • The power of the right questions
  • How to attract and retain tomorrow's Supreme Leaders
  • How to create a Team of Teams
  • Reverse Mentoring
  • The soul of leadership
  • To transform into a Supreme Leader

For pricing, more details and to find out if THE LEAGUE D’ÉLITE program is a good fit for you fill out the form here to be contacted by a PETER HARB SUPREME LEADERSHIP Training and Coaching Coordinator.

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