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How many days do you have left to live?

January 9, 2019

This is a profound question and most people might get stunned when asked in an unprepared moment and regardless of how many they may think they have left. Do you want to waste any of them? Do you want to waste any of those remaining days of your life in frustration, in revenge, anger, resentment, misery or not living your purpose?

Take a little time now to ask yourself this question. Really calculate it and come up with a number. Knowing the limited number of days you have, what do you want to do? What is your purpose fueled strategy for how you are going to lead and live those days? What is your purpose – your WHY - in life at all?

At this point most people will lack a clear answer. In our educational system we have never been taught to become clear of our WHY, our purpose, our existence. Purpose is not something we create. It is not some great idea we come up with. It is not a goal to be set. Purpose is something we discover. Purpose is there all the time, and it is waiting for us. It is our task, our duty, our role in life. It is what we have been prepared to express. Purpose is the flow of life through us as it serves all those it touches. Our purpose releases energy. The higher the WHY, the greater the energy.

Now get out of your head and into your heart. You may ask yourself: “How can I do that?” Here is a simple exercise for you to accomplish that. Close your eyes! Touch with one hand the centre of your heart. Focus on the feeling of your heart beat. You will realize that your breathing automatically slows down. Now you are centred. You are in your heart! And now listen carefully. When you ask now your heart about the number of days you have left in this life, you will receive a perfect number.

Do the same when you ask for your clear purpose in life. You will again receive a perfect answer. Trust yourself, trust your heart. It is not just an organ that pulsates your blood through your body. We can harmonise and tune the nervous system between our heart and our brain. Yes, we are talking about two organs, the brain and the heart but about one powerful neural network. With this synchronisation of our heart with our brain we open the door to the extraordinary experience that was believed mystical and experience only by special people with special abilities.

Yet this is not true. Science has proven that all humans are wired for deep intuition, access to the subconscious and precognition. That we are complete. Sequel follows…..

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